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Daily Devotional

Sign up to receive a daily devotional sent out by a member of the Grace Ministry daily devotional list. This is a ministry of the Grace Ministry members with the goal to build community and encourage one another. To meet these goals the daily devotional is limited to those regularly attending Grace Ministry and responses to the daily devotional are shared with the other members of the Grace Ministry daily devotional list.

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Q: If I change my mind, how do I unsubscribe?
A: Text #STOP to immediately unsubscribe. You can also come back to this form and unsubscribe but it may take a few days for us to process the request.

Q: Is this a big group text conversation that I’ll be stuck in?
A: NO! The daily devotional is sent using the service. By texting #STOP or deactivating your GroupMe account you’ll no longer receive messages.

Q: What will I receive after signing up?
A: Each day you will receive a message linking to the Our Daily Bread or My Utmost for His Highest devotional plus any responses that members of list wanted to share in response to the devotional.

Q: Do I have to comment on the devotional?
A: No, there is no pressure to respond unless you want to.

Q: I can’t receive text messages or don’t want to use my phone. How else can I receive the Daily Devotional?
A: Go to GroupMe and create a free account. Come back to this form and use the groupme username instead of your cell phone number. You can check your daily devotionals using the site.