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There is a passage in Luke 27 where after Jesus had died and resurrected, He finds two of His followers who are quite dejected, walking along a road towards Emmaus. And even as Jesus comes over to them, they did not immediately recognize Him.

And as they were walking, they explained to Him that the reason they were so dejected was because they really believed that this Jesus, who had been crucified, was the chosen Messiah who would fix all things and redeem the enslaved people of Israel. But now that he’s dead, any hope of his Messiahship is over.

And when Jesus heard this, He chastised them for not believing the Scriptures that had explained how the messiah needed to suffer in order to bring about the changes they were hoping for. And in vs 27, Luke tells us that Jesus, beginning with Moses and all the Prophets, explained to them what was said in all the Scriptures concerning himself.

When Luke tells us that Jesus began with ‘Moses and the Prophets’, that was a common expression that meant ALL Hebrew Scripture. Jesus is basically saying that the whole Bible is really about Him and His Mission.

And that last verse (vs 27) is really important for anyone who wants to understand the Bible. It, therefore, is going to be the basis for a new Bible reading program that we are going to call “Emmaus”.

What is Emmaus?

Emmaus is our church’s Quiet time program designed to get our church members familiar with basic and foundational parts of Scripture by doing daily Quite Time devotionals on specific parts of scripture. The idea is that we want to get people to develop a working knowledge of the Bible and better grasp of the gospel by guided Bible reading and reflection.

Individual study can be difficult as most individuals lack accountability and motivation to consistently read to the end of Scripture. Emmaus addresses this by selecting the most foundational stories of the Hebrew Scriptures and organizing the readings in way that reduces the challenge of reading the entire Bible cover to cover.
And we are going to ask that every member of our church participate in the program so that everyone is doing the same passage simultaneously.

Goals for Emmaus:

• Develop commitment to the daily reading of the Bible.
• Gain a working knowledge of Scripture
• Gain an expanded knowledge of the Gospel

Download the schedule Emmaus Sept-Oct.